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Vocation comes from the Latin word meaning ‘to call’.

Basically, a monastic vocation means that God calls us and we say ‘yes’ to him, following Jesus Christ and in trying to do his will in all the circumstances of our lives. Jesus called the disciples to follow him. Following Christ means trying to be like him, and shaping our attitudes, habits and ways of thinking, speaking and action so that he may be glorified in all that we are and do.

Monks are not superheroes. They know their need for God’s mercy and for the support of their brothers. Monks are not fugitives. Monasticism is not a flight from the world but life lived in loving, prayerful connection with the Church, the Body of Christ.

Monks do many things, and sometimes do them well, but they are not defined by their job descriptions. At all ages and stages of the monastic journey, the search for God is the primary focus, the one thing necessary.

In responding to God’s call to holiness, a contemplative monk fulfills an important role in the Church: he visibly witnesses in his life to the absolute priority of God to any created thing. The contemplative life, then, is the highest form of life that a Christian may live. It is called “the angelic life,” because our contemplation of God will continue in heaven and throughout all eternity. The life of the contemplative monk is already a foretaste of what is to come.

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